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During the 15-day celebration, the Chinese do something every day to welcome the new year, such as eat rice congee and mustard greens to cleanse the body, according to the University of Victoria. The holiday is marked with fireworks and parades featuring dancers dressed as dragons. Many musical instruments are integral to Chinese culture, including the flute-like xun and the guqin, which is in the zither family.

In China, most parents hope their children can get married at an earlier age, around 30 years old or earlier. Usually, parents will introduce them to potential people to date when parents feel anxiety and worry about their children’s unmarried status. One of the most popular ways is by asking their relatives and friends to find a proper marriage partner.

But previously, the families of the candidates were active participants. It appears as Westerners tend to date (often for years), move in together, and only after that, marry. Sometimes such couples settle down to married life after 5-10 years of being together.

This is because they usually already know each other by the time they start dating. And when you’re in a romantic place, like France, you won’t mind hearing those three special words more often. However, if the person you’ve been dating suddenly contacts you drastically less, it very well may be that they’re losing interest but don’t know how to say it to you, out of fear of hurting your feelings.

Filial piety is one of the family values taught and practiced in their culture. Before they decide to get married, they need to ask for the approval of their parents first. Sometimes, even how much you like the person, if their parents don’t approve, there will be no wedding. «They watch a lot of romantic dramas but they don’t have much sex education. No one told them that having sex isn’t the right thing to do.»
But Xiao’s warm-hearted images don’t pass judgment.

You have to stop your conversation every ten minutes because it’s time to take a selfie. And it takes another two minutes to upload the selfie on Instagram with the perfect hashtag. You get along with the in-laws and you don’t even mind eating Kimchi every second evening. It’s normal for Koreans to have contact with their family members, especially their mothers, every day of the week. There’s nothing more important for a Korean man or woman than family. You have the same values, the same goals, and the same vision of the future.


When you are about to send flowers, will you feel a bit perplexed? Do you know the meaning of the bouquet composed of red and white roses? Do you know that you should deal with lilies before you send them to a sick? Only by expressing and comprehending the meaning of sending flowers well, can you express this art better. As a friend who takes part in the wedding reception, you should choose and purchase a gift in advance.

Sometimes what they need is not much, only a hand to hold when things get tough in the journey of greatness. So what you need to do is to support what they want to do to achieve their goal. Show that you also have big dreams and ways to reach them, this will make them feel more motivated to reach their goal. Sometimes, constantly breaking their rules just to be a rebel will make them more frustrated with you. However, also show your free side so that they will feel safer around you.

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For example, a guy do not pay the food for the girl in a date, that means that the guy should no longer be proud to be a man and society will talk bad about him in some way. Therefore, the students are pushed to be their absolute best in school. That is why it is rare to see students in China having a romantic partner. Even if they have a romantic partner, they will do it discreetly so the school will not have to punish them.

When the groom finally sees his bride, they both bow down to the bride’s parents. This is a sign of respect and blessing before returning to the groom’s house. Traditional Chinese weddings have red wedding invitations placed in a red envelope.

Chinese marriage traditions have always varied throughout different parts of China. Marriage was not as simple as a man and a woman falling in love with each other. Although modern Chinese marriages focus more on love, traditional Chinese marriages tended to focus on economic and social status. Because marriage was viewed as a bond tying two different families together, traditional families consider family wealth, ranking, and status before a couple can marry. The couple will be served a sweet soup consisting of longans, red dates, lotus seed, a hard boiled egg and/or glutinous rice ball (汤圆), symbolising a blissful and fruitful marriage. After which, the couple can decide to proceed with the tea ceremony for the groom’s family members.

Refusal to help is always condemned and perceived as weakness and selfishness. If a relationship with a Venezuelan woman has developed into a happy marriage, then that’s great! Together, an American man and a Venezuelan woman can build a house, raise children and meet maturity together. She then successfully sued her American husband, a former Iraqi military vet, for a lifetime of support after an 89-day marriage. After his Brazilian wife arrived in the United States on a tourist visa in July 2016, the American filed an I-130 form with USCIS.

They are indeed different in many ways comparable to the common dating etiquette in Western countries, even the rest of the countries in East Asia. Strongly influenced by their culture and tradition, the Chinese have their own rules of dating. This, however, still going strong to this day pushed down to younger generation by the elderly. “Many couples consult with a fortune teller, Chinese monk, or Feng Shui master to choose an auspicious date to bring success to their marriage,” shares Froelich. The couple’s Chinese zodiac sign and birthday details (the bride’s birthday is preferred to the groom’s) will play a big role in choosing a date that is the perfect fit. They, in turn, will return half of the gifts as an acceptance of the proposal and show that they wish to have a good relationship with the groom’s family.

For the French, the mere act of going on dates (or, rather, «seeing someone») generally means that you’re committed to someone. When a person enters the dating scene in Japan, it is understood that the ultimate goal for everyone involved is marriage, according to Quora. First dates are often casual (meeting at a bar or coffee shop are some of the most popular options) and get more formal, adding dinner and events into the mix, as time goes on.