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So the business deal and the eventual family acceptance makes me so happy because like GF said, its so hard earned and thus, precious. Agree with you,,, I really love Ki Tae crying scene. That’s the most realistic crying scene in K-Drama. He wipe his own tears unlike the others who usually just let it down their face to add more dramatic vibe.

Jo Joon Young looks uncannily like Kevin. Choi Bo Min will definitely be SunHo. I love the webtoon and was waiting a long time for a drama version of it. So I am def looking forward to this show despite it being cast by newbies. Upon reading the blurb, it definitely reminded me of the film The Dude in Me from 2019, starring Jung Jinyoung and Park Sung-woong.

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I will miss this show and will definitely keep a lookout for Han Groo and Yeon Woo Jin’s future projects. «I’ll just live in my happy land where I still have 16 episodes to look forward to… I need a time machine.» Wow, Yeon Woo-Jin was acting up a storm in this episode.

I am happy mom is doing something for herself that will give her some independent income (though small) and is not centered on the family. I liked Mom’s assessment that they suffer from the same approval-seeking illness. It’s no wonder that they regard each other as so important, even if the relationship is aggravating. They proceed to get sloshed on makgulli, and Jang-mi muses that Mom must still love Dad to cover for him like that. Mom scoffs that it isn’t love; she’s protecting her family because family is all that she has. It’s what she spent her whole life to preserve, so without it, her life amounts to nothing.

Dealing with KT’s relationship with his mum, the mystery about that part of his childhood and why mum stayed in that marriage explaned. That phone call to him mum, awww. This couple is so cute, I can’t let them go. It was so sweet when he picked her up at work and fussed about how dangerous it was for her to close up the bar alone late at night. Not to mention, their ddukbokki kisses.

A couple of the others will be added to the looooong waiting to hear more list. At some point GT and his mom got me really frustrated, but I never hated them, they obviously had some issues they needed to sort out. That phone call with few words spoke volumes, and men the feels, so well executed by everything. I think this drama has ruined me for good. Now I want every other drama to be as cute and heartfelt and funny and poignant as this.

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Mom sits at home alone, when Jang-mi shows up with drinks knowing that Mom needs one right about now. She doesn’t turn Jang-mi away and even smiles, grateful for the gesture. Still, she thinks it’s a decent plan of action and approaches the table ready to douse Dad in liquor. But Mom beats her to it and spills a bottle of water all over Dad’s pants, and casually tells his “sister” to help him home.

Just like what they did with yoo yeon seok as chilbong, they did it again by putting yeon woo jin as the lead and giving him the spotlight. Good that he is on Jang-mi side now.. With a sensible voice of reason.. But I guess cos Yeo-reum knows Jang-mi and Ki-tae better.. But his character turn around from ‘misunderstood hug’ to advice assistant was pretty fast.. Yeon Woo Jin’s acting is just amazing.

I really enjoy that this drama spends so much of its time on family, so that it’s the extended love story between two households. I wanna say jjang to everyone involved in this drama… Especially for han groo and yeon woo jin, i have so much respect for them. Yeon woo jin cries in this ep is nothing like ive seen in dramaland before. Usually dramaland gives us manly tears (ala jo in sung in that winter) but ywj’s cried like a little boy and i really feel his pain as a son. I hope our two leads could work in dramas that make them shine like this.

One of the best things about this drama is that it didn’t try to inject that separation storyline for too long. When it happened, it felt necessary and organic. Now that they’re together, its more about mending each other’s families and hopefully having everyone accept their relationship. I really do hope Jang-mi’s mom will be cured and that it would serve as a means for her to reflect on her choices. Maybe the reality that life is too short to live without your loved ones will help her just jump the last hurdle and reconcile with her husband.