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You will get to learn about their opinions on topics that you are invested in. It also gives you the chance to express yourself and let them learn a bit about yourself. The trick is to find a way to transition from talking about the weather to something more personal. You could share a funny memory of your winter escapades.

Making a connection automatically creates a more personable conversation. Let’s suppose she already commented on your bio or pictures, and the ball is now in your court. A conversation starter for couples is a statement or question that acts as an ice breaker and prevents those awkward moments of sudden silence. They help keep conversations flowing for couples without feeling as if you are forcing the talks.

Taking it beyond the typical family related questions that tend to leave a discussion flat and stale. On an interesting side note, a study conducted by leading psychologist Richard Wiseman found that 18 percent of couples that talked about travel went on a second date. Compared to only 9 percent of couples who spent time talking about movies. This question gives them the freedom to share a lot more than just a one note answer. Over the typical “what do you do for work” or “how do you spend your free time” questions that usually come up on a first date. This is a fun first date question that gives your date a chance to share something about themselves that they might not otherwise think of.

In this medium, the very first message you send can be your only chance to capture a potential partner’s attention. The quality of your online conversation starters can really impact the chances of a new relationship getting off the ground. Conversation starters for dating make it easier to meet people online and form long-lasting relationships.

If you can make someone laugh, you might get the ticket to their heart. The music someone listens to says a lot about them. Stand out in their inbox by inspiring them to think about a song that fits their personality.

Whatever the reason, go ahead and follow up. Proper grammar and spelling show intellect and also how much you care about what you are saying. Be sure to double-check for typos and grammatical errors.

Here are a few cool dating headlines for men to grab the attention of women. Your headline should depict your real personality, as it will help you find the match that perfectly syncs with your likes and dislikes. If the username has you worried, don’t be. (It’s totally playful in a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend kind of way).

How do you feel about drug use?

Research also shows that people are more likely to connect over shared interests and experiences. So, it’s worth mentioning if you’re from the same place, went to the same college, or both like pizza. These 160 opening lines and icebreaker ideas will capture their interest and get the conversation flowing.

Questions such as “What was it like to attend a school that size? ” and “Did your community have any unique quirks like mine? You’ll impress the right people if you act like yourself and have a little fun with it. Show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T or find out what it means to remain single. Nobody wants to date a rude person, and a sense of humor never hurts.


If you are anything like me, and music and books are a huge part of your life then this is a must ask. Talking about something like shared tastes in music, books, magazines or a particular article they resonated with. Can bring you together by creating a solid emotional connection. Besides parents and friends, its often very insightful to talk about the other people in their life that they have influenced them. Who they mention for example a mentor, boss, a spiritual leader or a coach can help to peel back the layers of their life. Revealing a side of their character that wouldn’t usually come up on a first date.

We all know how annoying a really cheesy pick-up line can be. But what’s great about using it as one of your Tinder conversation starters is that you can make fun of it. Whether you’re seeking the that or perhaps the one to having best today, matchmaking will be a great time.

Eye contact, body language, and tone of voice add a lot to a conversation. We can try to make up for it with exclamation points and emojis — but texting still misses these core parts of communication. Doesn’t speak the same language, but at least you’ll both be learning. For some of these questions, I have included “Don’t Ask” questions. These are the questions that are so canned, boring, and predictable they should be exiled from good dates. According to research, a flexible communication style—engaging questions, open-mindedness and easy back and forth is most effective.

While you might instantly hit up the best local foodie restaurant, someone else may run for the nearest historical landmark. Once again, your date’s travel preferences reveal more about their overall vibe and interests. The adage “you are who you hang out with” rings true for most people. Find out about your date’s closest relationships without being too nosey.

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