The Heartbreaking Truth About Elvis And Priscilla Presley’s Love Story

«I did not divorce him because I didn’t love him ― he was the love of my life, truly,» Priscilla told British talk show Loose Women. «If anything, I left because I needed to find out what the world was like.» By the time Elvis left for home, the couple had cemented their bond, continuing to correspond long-distance, and in 1963, Priscilla moved to America to be with him.

The wedding – planned and organized by Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker – reportedly only lasted eight minutes. Elvis succeeded in impressing her father, and the two started dating soon thereafter. «I did not divorce him because I didn’t love him. He was the love of my life, but I had to find out about the world,» Priscilla shared on ITV’s Loose Women. Priscilla’s mother and stepfather, Ann Wagner and Paul Beaulieu, didn’t like the idea of their daughter seeing someone 10 years her senior. «Whenever they tried to stop us from seeing each other, I pleaded and cried and made them and myself miserable,» she wrote in her book, Elvis and Me. «In retrospect, I don’t think anything could have stopped me from seeing Elvis.»

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There was just one pesky little problem with Elvis and Ann-Margret’s relationship. Priscilla, who was 18 at the time, was still living at Graceland eagerly awaiting their planned marriage. Nine months later, Priscilla gave birth to her and Elvis’ first and only child, whom they named Lisa Marie Presley. They remained married for only six years and the divorce was finalized on October 9, 1973. Despite this, the rules were not followed and the couple lived together, with Elvis assuring Priscilla’s parents that there would soon be a ring on their daughter’s finger. After some career moves and a stint in Hollywood, Elvis proposed in 1966 and they were married in Las Vegas on May 1, 1967.

An Inside Look At Priscilla Presley’s Life, Before And After Elvis

His other marriages include one to actress Carey Lowell from 2002 until 2016, and most recently to Alejandra Silva, 39, in 2018. Priscilla and the Viva Las Vegas actor, who first met in 1959, were married from 1967 to 1973. The couple’s only daughter, Lisa Marie, died at age 54 in January 2023 hours after being hospitalized for an apparent cardiac arrest and two days after attending the 80th Golden Globe Awards.

It didn’t make him immune from examination, however, with Priscilla’s father inquiring as to his intentions for his daughter. «‘Well, sir, I happen to be very fond of her,'» Priscilla remembered her future husband saying. The entrepreneur first met the famous crooner in 1959 at just 14 years old while he was serving in the army overseas in Germany. «He was fun to be with,» she told Good Morning America in June 2022. Hailing from the lovely city of Dublin, she mainly covers the Royal Family and the entertainment world, as well as the occasional health and wellness feature. Always up for a good conversation, she has a passion for interviewing everyone from A-list celebrities to the local GP – or just about anyone who will chat to her, really.

On a cool November night in 1959, Priscilla, donning a navy-and-white sailor outfit, visited Elvis’ temporary abode in Bad Nauheim. Upon meeting the budding young star, Priscilla captured his attention. He still seemed interested even after she admitted that she was only in the ninth grade. He proceeded to swoon her by playing several songs for her including his hit ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Shortly after her father’s death, her mother began dating the actor Michael Edwards. In an interview with Playboy in 2003, Presley said Edwards would enter her room intoxicated and was inappropriate with her.[7] She has a half-brother, Navarone Garibaldi, from her mother’s 22-year relationship with Marco Garibaldi. Elvis and Tom became great friends, even vacationing together in Hawaii—and Priscilla has stayed close with singer over the years. «She’s a very dear friend of mine, Priscilla. I mean, I met her in the ’60s, and she’s been a friend of mine ever since,» Tom told PEOPLE in 2021. After Lisa Marie was born, their relationship took a turn for the worse.

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They started dating and continued their relationship when he came back stateside, during which time he forwent his music career and focused solely on acting — releasing 21 films in the 1960s alone (via History). They had a daughter in 1968, Lisa Marie Presley, but their marriage was tumultuous, and by the 1970s, Elvis was out of shape and nursing a growing drug addiction to prescription medications. He passed away in 1977, at the frightfully young age of 42, while his former bride still lives on today. Here is the real truth about Elvis Presley’s relationship with Priscilla Presley. Though the couple entered into their marriage in May 1967 with the intention of staying together forever, by 1973 the relationship was in tatters.

How did Priscilla meet Elvis?

At first, she just did it to spend time with her husband, but as she started to get more involved in the art of karate the more she fell in love with it. She also started taking Tae Kwon Do and became «as obsessive as Elvis in dedicating myself to this art.» She even had to learn Korean to go along with her training, which she dutifully did. When Elvis started seeing Priscilla Beaulieu the following Summer in 1959, he was still sleeping with Stefaniak every night. She became «intensely jealous» of the blooming relationship, and especially of Priscilla.

After their nuptials, Priscilla found it difficult being in the public eye. «It was hard to get accepted. But he always told me, ‘Don’t pay attention… don’t even listen and don’t look at the tabloids,'» she revealed at the same exhibit in 2016. She expressed her condolences following the death of Lisa Marie, 54, in January. Lisa Marie suffered cardiac arrest at her home in Calabasas, California. The 77-year-old former wife of Elvis Presley told an audience on her UK tour that granddaughter Riley Keough was ‘great’ and there was no row over money.

When a filmmaker produces a biopic with at least some intention of honoring the people in focus, there is not much better praise than having one of them thoroughly enjoy the film. In the case of the 2022 movie directed by Baz Luhrmann, «Elvis,» Priscilla Presley was highly impressed. Writing for People, Priscilla recalled entering the home that fateful night.

Next, Elvis asked her to finish high school in Memphis, which she was desperate to do. Her parents initially rejected the idea, but Priscilla continued to press the issue as Elvis tried to convince them that their daughter would be safely living with his father and stepmother. Her biological father passed away when she was only six months old, and her mother remarried, raising Presley to believe that her stepfather, who loved her dearly, was her biological father.

Much of that comes down to Priscilla’s stewardship of her ex-husband’s estate and her dedication to her family. Two days later, the thought had passed and the separation was never brought up again. Getting pregnant so early on in their marriage wasn’t part of their plan.

«Despite whatever misgivings I had about pills, I took them,» she said. «I locked myself in my room, unable to eat, unable to sleep,» Priscilla said. «Finally I forced myself to go to school and found myself swamped by reporters and photographers.» According to Priscilla, much of their evenings were spent in the company of others and the two had very little alone time. Here is the complete timeline of Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s relationship.